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Prison Hospital

The Prison Hospital in Hämeenlinna is a national somatic hospital led by general practitioners providing healthcare to prisoners. The activities include multidisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation for somatic illnesses. The women’s ward also provides substance abuse related psychiatry for pregnant females and patients with severe withdrawal symptoms. In addition, female patients have the opportunity for a day hospital and post-clinical activities.

The prison hospital has the opportunity to consultations with a neurologist and a gynecologist. The neurologist also consults for the treatment of patients with chronic pain.

In addition to the chief physician, the Prison Hospital’s multiprofessional working group consists of two heads of department (one of which is a psychiatrist), a psychologist, social worker, chief nursing officer, head nurse, nurses, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, laboratory nurse, and assisting personnel.

Contact information of the Prison Hospital

Chief physician Hanna Hemminki-Salin, hanna.hemminki-salin(at)vth.fi, telephone number 029 524 5551, is responsible for the administrative operations of the prison hospital.

Chief physician Tuula Vuorio is responsible for clinical activities: tuula.vuorio(at)vth.fi, telephone number 029 524 5664.

  • Men’s wards, nurse, tel. +358 29 524 5506
  • Women’s ward, nurse, tel.  +358 29 524 5509
  • Social worker, tel. +358 029 524 5699

Visiting address: Pikku-Parolantie 7, 13100 Hämeenlinna

Mailing address: P.O. Box 25, 13130 Hämeenlinna

Telephone number +358 29 524 5505 (health care issues 24/7)

Fax number +358 29 524 5797

Criminal Sanctions Manager

  • telephone number +358 29 568 1617 (sentence issues)
  • fax number +358 29 568 1514 (sentence issues)