Päivitetty 14.11.2022

Outpatient Clinics

Contact information of outpatient clinics

The outpatient clinics of the health care services for prisoners produce primary health care for the inmates in Finland’s prisons. The purpose of the work of the outpatient clinics is to promote, support and maintain prisoner health, welfare and functional ability by providing health and medical care services.

A nurse will interview and examine prisoners and refer them to an appointment with a physician if necessary. The appointments include treating acute and chronic illnesses, assessing prisoners’ functional ability, and organising health examinations for long-term prisoners. The doctor’s appointments are with general practitioners. If there is need for specialised medical care services, the prisoner may be referred to further examinations and treatment in a prison hospital, a psychiatric prison hospital or civilian health care.

Each Finnish prison has an outpatient clinic for health care services for prisoners with the exception of Suomenlinna, for which health care services for prisoners are provided at the Helsinki Prison Outpatient Clinic.

Responsible Chief Physician Hanna Hemminki-Salin is in charge of the outpatient clinic operations.

  • telephone number +358 29 524 5551
  • e-mail: firstname.lastname(at)vth.fi